Greenbushes is surrounded by rolling hills, beautiful valleys and the Blackwood River winds around the surrounding countryside making it a delight for people who like walking, scenic and heritage drives, discovering flora and fauna, and those who want to relax and unwind in a natural setting.
Greenbushes history dates back to the 1800’s and there are many historic buildings that form part of the attractions of the town.  There is also the Award Winning Discovery Centre and the Greenbushes Pool and Boardwalk, the newly created Water Bird Environment Conservation Area. Parks include Heritage Park with examples of historic mining equipment and Thompson Park has newly installed play equipment for children. The community garden relates to conservation with its’ native bee hotel and frog pond designed to encourage native fauna. There is a golf course, walks of discovery from easy to more challenging plus a walk that joins the Bibbulum Track. There is also a heritage tourist drive from Greenbushes to Bridgetown that follows the Blackwood River.

In August there is the Winter Weekend in Greenbushes that offers a variety of activities, music, dancing, organic gardening and conservation /workshops, wattle walks and much more.
Within the town there are two hotels and a café that offer meals, a curio/antique outlet, a roadhouse, post office, community resource centre, restored historic buildings, accommodation in the town and nearby farm stay and caravan park. There is also a free camping area.

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Blackwood isn’t as far as people think. It’s a leisurely 3 hour drive from the city. Alternately there are Transperth Services as well private tours with companies such BlueValley Coaches, Sunset Tours and Wicked Limousines.